eLearning for AT&T Business Center

Discover how to get started with AT&T Business Center and learn the most popular features fast. With these short videos, you can speed through tips and tricks on self-service tools that help you organize, analyze, and customize your data. Visit the Resource Center for more tools and support.

AT&T Business Center Overview

Take control of your wireline services online, anytime. Get to know Business Center and how you can track orders, analyze billing, and much more with this introduction video.

  • Review and pay your bill
  • Place an order
  • Place a trouble ticket
  • Review inventory
  • Set up and manage user permissions

Billing (New)

Your Data Your Way

Overview of the latest billing and reporting features to start seeing your data, your way.

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Create Filters

Learn how to apply filters and find specific information in your Summary or Detail reports.

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Add Account Descriptions

Discover how to customize labels and add an account description to your Summary or Detail reports.

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Set Up SFTP Locations

Learn how to set up Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for your Business Center reports. 

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Schedule Reports

Discover how to customize reports and schedule them to run automatically in Business Center. 

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Use Interactive Graphs

Learn how to use charts and graphs to accurately and clearly display your data in Business Center.

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Navigate the Overview

Discover all the ways to navigate the new billing overview page in Business Center.

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Auto-Schedule a Saved Report

Learn how to set up your saved reports to run automatically each month.

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Check Payment History

Discover how to access the billing module and quickly check your payment history.

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Pay Your Invoice

Find out how to view your processed and pending invoices and make a payment.

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Dispute a Charge

Learn how to dispute a charge and view or edit existing disputes.

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Add Billing to User Profile

Discover how to add new users and give them access to the Billing feature.

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Modify Billing Template

Use a template to create a billing report that helps you analyze charges.

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Sharpen Your Skills

Our instructor-led Business Center training offers tips, tricks, and more. Explore courses, ask questions, and get answers from a Business Center expert.

Manage wireline services

With Business Center you can access near real-time ordering. Monitor and manage your network with bandwidth utilization alerts. Personalize your dashboard and manage your U.S. and Global networks 24/7.

Manage and buy mobility services

AT&T Premier empowers your business with smart controls that fit your needs by customizing your self-service experience. Enjoy quick and easy shopping, plus intuitive billing features.

Integrate with APIs

AT&T eBonding
Use a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable your systems to transact with AT&T - Place orders, check status, submit tickets, perform maintenance, and more!

Understand Your First Bill – AT&T Office@Hand
Learn how to understand your organization’s bill for AT&T Office@Hand service. Watch and listen as we review key bill elements and show you examples of how different charges may appear on your first bill.


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